Giants first win 2015

Ok so the Giants are 1-2 surprisingly still in the chase for the NFC East lead.  The pair of loses that opened the season hurt. They hurt now and if the Giants can remain in the Divisional hunt all season will be brought up often in December.  Nothing can be done about those now so lets focus on the future.

Philly looks confused, Washington looks very average, and Dallas has been brought back to the field due to the injury bug that had the effect of a live virus taking them down. They don’t look so good now but everyone knows they will be better at some point. Teams in the division need to jump on their pile now.  I fully expect Atlanta to continue their winning ways against the NFC East and go 3-0 this weekend.

Back to the Giants, finally got the win and looked good in areas.  The offensive line is without it’s top two Tackles and did a good job of keeping Eli upright against the Redskins who have pass rushing worth fearing.  The NY D-line was solid against the run. No better than solid they played very well. Actually, adding all three weeks performances together would show a NY D that was better than good on first and second down and then suspect on third. This screams lack of pass rush. Unless a blitz is designed NY has not been able to apply pressure in any of its 3 games so far. No man to man victories on the line. The what ifs have already begun due to the absence of JPP. No way both of the first games end the way they did with JPP collapsing the pocket in either 4th quarter loss.  Enough of that stuff the Giants need to figure out that piece. I also noticed how well the Giants have been tackling most notably the secondary. Very few broken tackles, and none that have produced big plays for the other team.

Eli may have mentally ended the Dallas game poorly but his throws have been solid.  No INTs through the first 3 games. Really since the change in Offensive scheme two years ago his INTs have been down.  OBJ is who he thought he was, even when the focus is on him. Randle played well enough against the Redskins to get the press off of his back.  What has been consistent is the play of Shane Verren.  It’s always concerning when a FA is singed to provide a specific skill during the off season, but this signing was spot on. Now week 4 will have the return of Victor Cruz and the host Buffalo Bills will have to cover three truly dangerous players. That should open up the running game and get things moving for the Giants.

Lastly, for this week the positive health movement is underway. John Beason played his first game against Washington and was present all night (stats do not support this claim but film does) and DRC will be back after missing the last 7 quarters, add in the return of Victor Cruz and things are looking up in Giantland.

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