Running Again II

Three weeks ago I returned to running.  This is the 2nd Blog depicting my efforts to return from an 11 month layoff caused by Plantar Fasciitis.  On Jan 17th, I began running by covering 3 miles at a 10 min pace.   Pace was not my concern, rather ending the run pain free was the goal.  I was able to complete that run as I had hoped.  I ran with the leather wrapped metal insoles that I had been directed to use while I had awaited my custom insoles to be constructed.  On the 18th I felt as though I had bruised my right foot just inside of the front pad.  This location is where the insole ended.  I ran the 19th as planned and did well.  The pain continued in my right foot but it was not the same pain that I had felt from the Plantar Fasciitis so I continued with caution.

I ended up taking two days off instead of the planned one.  And then ran 3 miles again.  Day off then 3 miles two days off then completed the final 3 mile run.  Of these runs 3 of the 5 where on a treadmill due to the cold.

It took another 12 days to complete the series of 4 miles runs which ended up being all on a treadmill and at a 9:22 second pace which by the final run was not very taxing.  I did cut one run short and only did 2.5 miles as the pain in my right foot came into play during the run.  I was concerned about re-injuring the foot so I decided to take it slow.  I concentrated on stretching during this time taking 12-20 minutes to stretch after each run.

At night I would continue to wear the night splints that my Podiatrist prescribed.  I also wore the custom insoles at all times I was not running.  I have used insoles at all times for the last 6 months.  The night splints were worn most nights but consistently the last month.  I have not been barefoot even in my home outside of showering for the last year.

My final 4 mile run was on Friday the 6th of Feb and I am taking the 7th off before tackling my first 5 mile run on Sunday the 8th.  The weather is projected to be 60 degrees which almost forces me to run outside in Feb.  The pain in my right foot had been absent the last 3 days and I am very encouraged about that.  I have not experienced left foot pain at any time during this return to running.

I had tears in both feet that required Cortizone shots.  Two in the right foot and one in the left.  I will continue my blog in a few weeks as I work towards my goal of a 50 miler in the spring of 2016.

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