Running Again

This blog entry is to celebrate my return to running.  In Dec of 2013 I ran my first 50K race.  I was in perhaps the best running shape of my life at that time.  The race had a field of 300 runners and I finished in 4:50:30 which was good for 28th place.  I took two weeks off of training and started back up in Jan of 2014.  In Feb my right foot started to bother me and I ran at reduced distances and with more time off than normal through March before the pain become too much and I sought out medical help.  The verdict was the dreaded Plantar Fascitis disorder.  I had tears in both of my heals and have lost 11 months of running due to this issue.

Today I ran 3 miles at a very comfortable 10 min mile pace.  I will continue to run during the next two weeks with the goal of running 3 miles followed by a day off for 5 days then repeating with 4 miles runs every other day for another 5 days.  At that point if the pain has not returned I will continue to increase my distances and frequency steadily until I am fully recovered.

At that point I will write a Blog entry that describes what I did that was useful and what may have prolonged my recovery in the hopes of helping another runner who may be looking at a similar injury.

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