Thoughts of a Would be Writer

So it is finally time to start writing.  For yeas I have felt it would be wonderful to actually pursue writing as a true hobby.  The short answer is there always seemed to be enough time later to follow up on that desire.  Work, family, watching football on tv, so many things seemed to take front stage.  Some understandably but in all honesty it has been mostly about effort, so here it goes.

Like most people in 2014 I use the internet to research anything that is new to me.  Wither it is something I want to buy, do, or see, my trusty search engine starts the effort.  As I undertake the writing of a novel the “how to” of it is almost as exciting as the story.  What is the process?  So many things to learn. I am going to try and put down as much of this journey as possible.  Maybe it helps another, maybe not but every time I write its practice and experience gained.

With the idea of taking action as my driving force I joined a “Writers Group” in my area.  In just two meetings I have gotten a good deal of useful information.  The best one so far was to write down how many words I write each day on my calendar.  I only keep track of work on the novel and its been very useful in understanding my effort and production thus far.

Another thing I understand is to write what you know and love.  So I plan to use that for this blog also.  I love my family a great deal but do not expect to write too much about them for many reasons.  But sports, dogs, gardening, running and a few other things will get included into this blog.  Along with things that I am doing that may be of use to others.

So there it is my “why” I am establishing a blog.  I am excited to see where this goes.

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